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about the “Introducing Kanban in operations” by Mattias Skarin at DevOps Days ’09


At this point the one agile method I really like.

Through the whole sprint idea from Scrum away and I will like Scrum even more. Besides the whole ridiculous estimation Poker thing, which is probably only there to get numbers for the velocity an so on, the one thing I really don’t like, are Sprints because IMHO they reduce the agility of the team. The team only needs a well prioritized Backlog in order to work effectively and efficiently. Uhm!? WAIT! if you do that, then you have … Kanban! — what a coincidence!

On the other hand, Sprints and estimating the effort to get things done can help the team get a vague idea of the project’s time line. If vague is enough (you’ll get any better than that, any way), than you can implement them. But I have seen already to many “broken sprints” to really support that.

Mattias also has also a Blog with a lot of information about Kanban ( There you can find his slides to the presentation (


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