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something I love about facebook.

… something I love about facebook is their openness. Take a look at this article from the engineering team. They really practice openness.


Know your Kung-Fu

My comments on this interesting article …

… I was a Sr. Systems Engineer with 10 years of experience that was picky about where I wanted to work, and I was in no rush in finding a job that I would not enjoy.  I wanted a career, not a job.

This is a very good article not just about getting through a job interview.  The possibility to get a position after an interview is not always as good or bad as you may think after it.  There are too many factors that come into play.  You may be very good on the facts and expertise required for the position, but if you aren’t the type of person they’re looking for, you’re out.

Sometimes it is also the other way around.  You come into an interview with great expectations and very exited, very well prepared, you know is “The Company”! and afterwards you take back your application. Disappointed because it wasn’t was you where expecting.

To get/find a good job is hard and a matter of luck.  So if you’ve got a good one, work on it so that it stays that way.  Because looking for a good job isn’t easy.

To truly master scalability, performance, and availability – you have to know the fundamentals.

A very important piece of information is to stay aware. If you get too cosy on your “perfect” job, you will end up loosing all your hardly achieved skills.  Computer Scientists are no “assembly line” personnel, we’re also more than scientists, we’re also artists.  We use technology to build beautiful great things, so don’t forget that feed your brain well. I thought it’s really sad, that he started looking for information about new technologies and current practices only because he had to do the interview.  A least he is doing it right now.  Stay passioned!

Code has the possibility of being poetry, laced with verses of logic.

I like that he mentioned some good books, Web Operations is a good one.  I’ll have to check some of the other ones.


Know your Kung Fu.

about DevOps and tools and magical unicorns

Recently the DevOps Days 2010 europe took place. I couldn’t make there and I was really mad .. I mean sad,  about that.  Well thanks god, we have a very vivid internet bringing us a lot of interesting things on video.

The videos from Hamburg are not jet online … paciencia paciencia!. But here you can find videos from the panels that took place at the DevOps Days 2010 US.

There you can find a lot other interesting things on this subject on

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